Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New way to Share your Photos - # 2

Here's the second one...

I didn't look at these pics until after I had already given it, so they aren't the best, but at least you get an idea as to different ways you can decorate them!

There is a bit of a glare on the above pic, so I added this one as well...

The pic I took of the top one, didn't turn out, so I don't have a close up of that one, but here are the middle & bottom ones...

If you decide to make one yourself & have any questions, please post a comment or send me an email! :-)
Hint: I use a glue stick to glue the base paper to the record. When adding your mats, don't use your normal mounting square, instead use a better double sided tape... I use Pioneer Photo Memory Mounting Taper. It looks like this:

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Till next time... Happy Scrapping!! :-)


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