Thursday, February 23, 2012

el cedral

El Cedral is one of the interesting places we discovered when driving around Cozumel on scooters!

This is another one of my older layouts. I don't remember the line of paper I used but I remember that this layout design was from a class I went to at Scrapbook Parade. It was one of those classes where you use your own product.

One of my favourite parts of this layout is the picture that is on an angle on the right hand side of the layout... instead of using a piece of card stock to mat this picture, we used a page out of an old book! Because of the age & discolouration of the book, it worked really well with this picture... oh & at the top of the page were the words "Sources of Interest", so I made sure that that was showing!

Till next time.... Happy Scrapping!! :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oliphant Lake

What an interesting day this was!! :-) We asked Mom & Dad if they wanted to go out in the back country on the quads. We headed up to Oliphant Lake, which just happens to be a man-made lake. At the far end of the lake is this cement wall that was designed to create a waterfall! Whenever we go up to the lake, this is where we stop for a rest, maybe grab a snack & take a walk around the point!

What made this trip so "interesting" is that on the way back, the quad in the front in the above picture ended up going over a rock on the road & the tire popped off the rim!! All I can say is good thing we had both quads!! I was able to drive Dad back to the beginning of the trail, while Bruce slowly drove along the trail as Mom walked beside. Then I went back to pick up Mom & took her back to the beginning of the trail, where Dad was waiting. The house isn't far from the trail so they were able to walk home.  I then went back to where Bruce was & slowly drove the rest of the way home together! :-)

I wish I could remember what line of paper this is, but this is one of my older layouts that I thought I would pull out & post! I can't even remember if I used someones sketch for this or not.

Well till next time... Happy Scrapping!! :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nanoose Bay

It's not until you sit down & write about the layouts that you create & the products that you, that realize you have a tendency to use the same company over & over again! This layout again features Fancy Pants... this time their "rusted sun" collection. The layout was inspired from a sketch I found on the "Sketch Support" website.

As you can see I decided to type out my story on the computer & then print it on patterned paper. I liked doing the journaling this way as I was able to fit more of the story onto the page!

Oh another thing I wanted to mention was the scalloped sticker that runs across the bottom of the striped paper... This is, like I mentioned a sticker... one of those  12" stickers that you find on those sticker pages. When you cut them & line them up against a picture or another piece of paper, it looks like it is a lot longer than the 12"! This is a great way to trick the eye into thinking it is longer!

Thanks again for stopping by!!

Till next time... Happy Scrapping!! :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

whale of a time

Welcome back!!

Todays layout features the "Beach Bum" collection by Fancy Pants!

You will notice a couple of things...

  1. I used some "bling" on this layout!! Normally I use the crystals/gems that I can just put where ever I like - no pattern or shape but these swirls reminded me of waves! So this was the 1st time I tried using ones where the crystals are in a particular shape & let me tell you, I needed patients! But once I got the hang of it, it wasn't that bad. 
  2. I used cardstock as part of my background instead of just patterned paper. Because of the dull light brown/tan background (the colour of sand) & the faded patterned paper, I decided on brightening up the page by using orange cardstock. I was able to get away with using this colour because there are bits of orange through out the design on the patterned paper.
  3. I also traced the letters of my title. I have done this a couple of times, especially when part of the title seems to blend into the rest of the page.
  4. I've also used blue rick rack ribbon, that runs across the bottom of both pages, to simulate the waves of the water!
Hopefully it wasn't just the pictures that made you feel like this was a water themed layout!! What will you do on your next layout to add that ever so subtle message about your page??

Till next time... Happy Scrapping!! :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

you & me time

A couple weeks ago, my daughter sent me the following message on FB... " you have any scrapbook paper that just isn't your style, and you aren't going to use? Or does something like that not happen with you?! Lol!"

Well this paper definitely falls under that heading... If I saw this paper on the shelf of my local scrapbook store, there is no way I would have bought it, but it came in a kit I received, so I finally decided to use it. I really didn't care how it turned out, so I also used other product that I normally wouldn't use... such as the cloth flowers & leaves. And you know what... I don't mind the way it turned out!... But I still don't like the colour & I still wouldn't buy it on purpose!! :-)

This line of paper is called "Claire" from S.E.I and as it is an older collection, I was not able to find a direct link to this complete collection to share with you.

So as I have already mentioned, I used product that I wouldn't normally use, such as the cloth flowers & leaves but I also used the clear journaling square. With all the colour that was on this page, I knew it was going to be difficult to add a journalling square that would complement the page... so I pulled out my stack of journalling square & found this one!

You will also notice that I had to cut 2 of my pictures as they cross over the centre of the page. Again, this isn't something I normally do, but because of the pictures I had chosen, it worked out well & doesn't take anything away from the pictures!

So the next time you come across some of that old paper in you stash that you just don't really care for, why don't you pull it out & try making a layout with it... don't worry about how it turns out, even try a few new techniques & see what you think!! You might be pleasantly surprised at how it turns out!  

Thanks once again for stopping by!

Till next time... Happy Scrapping!! :-)