Saturday, June 23, 2012

A New Toy

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that at the beginning of May I took part in the "Creative Crop" over at the website in celebration of National Scrapbooking Day. Each hour they would post a new "Challenge"... Challenge 10 was to "Use any cast-off object on your layout".

What does this mean... here is the description they provided: "Your challenge is to use any cast-off object on your layout. It could be product packaging or scrap papers from your studio, mesh fruit bag, bread tags, etc. from your kitchen, outgrown clothing from your closet, stray puzzle pieces…the possibilities are endless! Use your creativity to upcycle such items in your scrapbooking.".

First off let me say that this is not my best layout, in fact I really don't like it at all but I think that we all have layouts that don't turn out the way we intended for them too. 

That being said, let me see if I can remember everything I "re-used" in this layout...

  1. There are 3 silver clips, I guess you would call them, located on the left hand page... these are actually taken from my husbands new dress shirt! Instead of pins, they used these clips!
  2. The paper is all from my scrap box. In fact, if you look really close at the brown triangle edged paper, it had already been cut & I was able to find all the small pieces and tape then together tight enough that you can hardly notice!
  3. Would you believe even the pictures on the right hand side should have been tossed! Only 1 or 2 of those pictures are actually square, the rest are all missing the bottom point, that is why I have overlapped the pictures with the paper!!
  4. Lastly the letters... I know, some of you may be asking yourself "how can the letters be considered "cast-offs" as they are all from the same package"... well I guess I would say because they were left overs... they don't really go along with this page - colour wise I mean, plus I'm not one to use small and capital letters together like that. (However I don't mind the way that part of the layout turned out! I might even try it again!)

Would love to see layouts you create with your cast-off objects!

Till next time... Happy Scrapping!! :-)