Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New way to Share your Photos - # 1

I made a couple of these a few years ago as Christmas gifts... this year I decided to make a couple more, one for each of the girls.

Can you guess what it's made of??? Would you believe records!! ;-) Honest!!

Here's a close up of each of the sections:

As you can see, I made it so that they can add their own photos & change them whenever they want!! :-)

If you use your imagination, there are all sorts of ways you could decorate these records! Give it a try, use your imagination & let me know how it turns out for you!!

Click "here" to see the second one I made...

Oh as for the size, in the past I have used the small records but for these ones,  I used the 10 inch ones. If you don't have any on hand, I've found that you can pick them up fairly cheaply from the thrift stores! :-)

Till next time... Happy Scrapping!! :-)



OMG...I love this idea, you are amazing...I am sooo creating one of these for my house and maybe a few more for my family and friends.

Diana Smith

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