Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is it Bath Time?

This is the newest addition to our Family! He's name is Wilson & he LOVES water!! I call him our water dog! Anytime he can play in water, he does. We learnt this very quickly... I use to fill their water dish almost to the top. All I can say is that it's a good thing we have the water dish in the laundry room, on the linoleum floor... Whenever he goes for a drink, he has to put both front paws in the dish. Then when he's done, he walks forward so that his back paws go through the dish as well. Of course this leave a trail of water all over the house! There are even times when he decides to DIG through the bottom of the water dish. This causes water to get all over the place... even up the wall!

The night before these pictures were taken, Wilson got rather dirty outside, so when we brought him in, I took him straight to the tub for a bath. The next day he came inside & went straight to the tub, trying to get in!! I guess he figured it was Bath Time!! :-)

I had fun doing this page... it just all came together & within 3 hours it was complete!! For me that is a record!! One page layouts don't normally come very easy for me... guess that's why I don't seem to do many of them! :-)

I've been experimenting with new things lately or by trying something new... this layout is no different!

  1. In the centre of this page you see the striped patterned paper with the brown strip... well when I scalloped the edge of the striped piece, it left me with a very thin strip of paper which I put right up against the brown edge... this give it the impression that the brown piece is on top of the striped patterned paper.
  2. You will also notice the triangles going across the brown stip... this was also something new. Those are actually rub-ons & are actually suppose to be joined the other way, creating a larger, thicker triangle strip. It was just too thick & not long enough to use in this narrow space... so first I marked the paper with a very thin line so I would know where to place the triangles, so that they would all be in a straight line. Then I cut the triangles into smaller pieces & lined them up along the line. I really like the way this turned out. It filled in the brown strip so that it isn't so bold!
  3. The strip paper was blending into the other paper & I wanted the edging to stand out more. As I had already attached the paper to the layout, I wasn't able to ink the edge... so I took one of my copper pen & went along the edges!
  4. Lastly, I used pop dots on the 2 smaller outside pictures that are on the bottom half of this layout!

Oh I almost forgot... The paper I used for this layout is from the "Happy Together" collection by Fancy Pants! (If you click on the Happy Together link above, you can scroll down & see the triangle rub-ons that I used!)

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Till next time... Happy Scrapping!! :-)



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