Monday, October 10, 2011

Shell Seekers

I did something totally different when I created this layout... instead of starting with someone elses' sketch, or even with paper...
  1. I took the pictures I wanted to use & decided which ones I could cut down to a smaller size.
  2. Organized the pics on cardstock, to creating a double page layout.
  3. Found some embellishments that went with the theme. I chose the "Beach Babe" paper embellishments from "Fancy Pants"
  4. Now to find paper that would work with my layout. The matching Beach Babe paper that I had, just didn't seem to work... that was until I took the "High Tide" paper & turned it sideways... So now I have a bit of a design in the bottom right hand corner of my large matt & the rest is all this pale yellow... kinda reminds me of sand!
  5. I trimmed the pics a little more so that they would all fit nicely.
  6.  Finally I clued everything into place, adding pop dots to some of the embellishments in order to add some dimension!

Next time you create a layout, why not give this a try & let me know how it works out for you!

Till next time... Happy Scramping!! :-)


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