Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Very Proud Moment

WoW... Doesn't he look all grown up?!? It's hard to believe that my "Baby" has Graduated!!

Once again this paper is from the monthly kit from "Memory Workshop" for the month of June & is called "Life Documented" by Simple Stories. The L/O was inspired from one of the sketches that was in the newsletter that came with the June Kit.

Can you see the mistake I made on this L/O... I know - there are no such things as a mistake when scrapbooking... but to me it was an opps, something that I didn't like!!

I originally had the title as "{proud moment}" but once it was done, I didn't like it & decided to change it but instead of removing all the letters, I just removed the "{" and moved it to the left page & had the title read "{a proud moment}"... but again that just didn't look right... looked a little funny only having the "{a" on the one page.

That's when I decided to add the "very"... I like this way better... it evens out the title across the 2 pages. So unless you are looking really closely in that general area, you won't notice the little nicks in the paper from me moving the stickers around!! :-)

Oh & you will notice that I was able to keep with just those 3 colours in the title... that's my "Blue" coming through again!! ;-)

Well I have one more post to write up tonight... so till then... Happy Scrapping!! :-)


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